Absolute Beginner's Club (online)

This is a 7-day programme for complete beginners so if you've lost your way on your fitness journey, don't really know where to start, or have never done exercise as a regular thing, then this is the perfect opportunity to get moving!


All the workouts are short - the longest one is 18 minutes and they are all pitched at 'Absolute Beginner's' level! No fancy or complicated choreography, just simple, effective and doable workouts. No equipment is required (although you might want a mat or towel to protect your floor for the floor sections of some of them).


The workouts are pre-recorded and you will have access to all of them from day 1 so you can do them at a time that suits you and choose which one(s!) to do each day. You have unlimited access to all these workouts for the 7 days and there is no limit on how many times you can do them during that period. You will also get access to a supportive Facebook group (but the course runs from my website so don't worry if you don't have Facebook, you can still access the course content!) and regular check-ins from me to see how you're getting on and to help you plan your workouts for the week.


I've designed this course to give you taster sessions of lots of different types of workouts so you get the opportunity to try out different styles of classes and find out what you like and enjoy! My KEY belief in fitness is that it should be enjoyable because if you don't enjoy it you ain't gonna do it and I believe fitness should be something you look forward to, not something you have to force yourself to do. Sometimes it can take a little time to figure out what it is that you enjoy and hopefully this 7-day course will help you to get closer to your perfect form of fitness!


The 7 workouts that you will get are:

1) Barre HIIT (16 mins)

2) Beginner's Latin Aerobics (16 mins)

3) LIIT Abs (16 mins) - LIIT stands for Low Intensity Interval Training

4) Beginner's Low Impact Aerobics (18 mins)

5) Lower Body Workout (17 mins)

6) Mobility Routine (16 mins)

7) Beginner's Pilates (17 mins)


If you book before 7pm on Friday 18th June you get the whole course for the Early Bird price of £10 rather than £15. If you're not sure if the course is right for you then give me a shout and we can arrange a chat to discuss your needs, or you can send me a message using my contact form here

To book please click here.

If you’d like to join the ABC then you'll need to complete the

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire linked here.

Once you've booked, you'll receive a confirmation email which includes details of how to make payment via BACS or PayPal. I look forward to working with you!