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Gentle Pilates

These classes draw on the principles of precise and controlled movement that form the foundations of Pilates, but are designed to be slightly lower intensity than a 'traditional' Pilates class. These sessions were originally designed to help people with common medical and orthopaedic conditions but they have also proved to be very popular with beginners and older adults who prefer a more gentle workout.  

The aim of the class is to help improve, maintain, or restore physical function and classes include lots of mobility work, along with stretching and strengthening exercises. These sessions will help you to improve your posture, core strength, and flexibility, and there is also a big focus on improving your balance as this is such an important part of overall health as we age. The class includes some floor exercises, but some members of the group prefer to do these exercises either standing or sitting on a chair. All the exercises are fully adaptable, which means you get to work at your own level throughout.

Class performing stretches to relieve back pain

These Gentle Pilates classes are perfect for anyone who wants to do some Pilates, but prefers a lower intensity workout for whatever reason! Some of the people who join these classes are absolute beginners, and others have been with me for years. I am qualified to teach older adults and people with common medical and orthopaedic conditions,such as arthritis, back-pain, osteoporosis and joint replacements, as well as to receive referrals from medical practitioners. Every Pilates exercise can be modified to meet your needs so if you have any specific requirements during the class then please have a chat with me.

Available as:
  • Zoom classes 

  • Prerecorded Beginner's Pilates classes available 24/7 with the On-Demand Studio weekly membership

Gentle Pilates timetable

"As an absolute beginner at Pilates, Sam's classes have been a great introduction. Enjoyable and informative in a friendly way, after three months I was far more flexible and able to touch my toes, which I've not done in a long time! (currently 68). Sam has been a lifeline with ongoing online and recorded classes."


"Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your Gentle Pilates classes via Zoom. It was my physio who said I really needed to get moving again and Gentle Pilates is perfect, challenging but not enough to make things uncomfortable, and I really enjoy being able to do it in my own home. It is just so convenient and I know you are able to see us as you pick us up on things - but in a very discreet way without naming names."


Useful information


Booking is essential as numbers are limited. Click here to book your session.

Classes run on a pay-as-you-go basis and cost £8.00 a class


You will need your own mat/towel to lay on if you're going to go down to the floor for the floor section. We do use a few bit of equipment such as mini balls and bands, but please don't rush out and buy anything before you've tried to class. You can participate fully without this equipment and once you've tried the class and decided it's for you then I can point you in the right direction.   

If you have any other questions then click here to go to the Contact page.

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