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30th July 2021 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!

This email comes from a double vaccinated me!


2 for £10 Summer Subscription Special

As you all (hopefully) know now, I'm off from live classes between the 9th and 22nd August. Obviously YOU won't want to miss out on your classes for these 2 weeks just because I'll be being lazy so I'm running a special deal on the subscription content for 2 weeks for just £10! This is a saving of 1/3 off the normal price! If you normally attend 1 live class a week then this works out as the same price for the 2 weeks (or cheaper depending on what class you normally attend) and if you normally do more than 1 class then you're saving even more money! Whoop whoop! You can do the workouts whenever you want to, and it's a great opportunity to try some stuff you might not normally attend! You can book the 2 week special on the normal bookings page! Get booking!



If you used to/are currently attending the Thursday morning Pilates class, and/or the Friday morning Recycled Teenagers class, I'd appreciate it if you'd do me a favour and complete the surveys regarding these classes and what you want to do from September onwards if you haven't done so already. They should take no longer than 2 minutes! Thursday Pilates Friday Recycled Teenagers Just click the links to fill the survey in! Thanks in advance!


Next week's new subscription videos

Coming up next week you've got: Low Intensity Aerobics (Recycled Teenagers) 38 Abs 16 - Up and Down Intervals Old Skool Aerobics 18


Facebook LIVES

Next week's LIVE Facebook sessions will be Abs! Come join me live at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, or catch up later on my main Facebook Page or in the Facebook Sam Hutchinson Fitness Community Group!


As always, thanks so much for your energy and support!

Have an awesome weekend!

See you all next week,

Sam (now with added vaccine!) xxx

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