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Benefits of group exercise

👍You have your instructor right there!

🎇Your instructor is there to make sure you are doing everything correctly AND to make sure you get the most out of your workout! Whether that's letting you know that you need to adjust your position very slightly or telling you about another option to accomodate an injury or difficulty you have! If you're finding the exercise too difficult so you're not doing it properly your instructor can give you an easier exercise that means you can keep correct form and if you look like you're sailing through a little bit too easily they can offer you a harder option so you get the most out of your workout!

🥰We are here to help so use us! Ask us questions, give us feedback on how you're finding the class and we can use that information to make your workout experience EVEN better!👍



🤗When you're working out with other people you can't put it off until later and later in the day and then not end up doing it! You have to be there at that time and it makes a HUGE difference to motivation and commitment!



❤Group exercise has been shown to improve quality of life in many areas as well as lower stress levels. These effects are greater when we exercise WITH other people rather than alone!❤


🥰Meet new people and make new friends!🥰

❤You never know who you're going to meet when you walk into a group exercise class. Some of my best friends come from fitness classes!❤

👍I have seen it happen so many times! Someone comes along and they don't know anyone, but within a few weeks they've got a whole set of workout buddies! These buddies help you stay motivated during class and help kick you up the butt when you miss a class!👍

😃Sometimes those workout buddies can become even more than fitness friends! People you go for coffee with, people you go to the theatre with or whatever it is you like to do to socialise!😃


🥗Feed off other people's energy!⚡

👯‍♀️When we're in a group we absorb the energy from around us and I don't mean that in a hippy dippy way! We are social animals and it is natural for us to match the energy of those around us. If you're around other people who are bringing all their energy to the workout then you're going to match that and up your game thereby getting more out of your workout!


👏It keeps it fresh and interesting!

🥱Boring workouts are not workouts that you engage in and you won't activate your muscles as much as you would if you are engaged and interested in what you are doing!

😃Doing the same workout over and over again can get dull and that reduces your motivation to exercise! When you enjoy what you're doing, you're more likely to do it!

👷‍♀️When you attend a group exercise class it is your instructors JOB to keep you interested by mixing things up and keeping you on your toes so you stay engaged and motivated!



🥱Life is too short and we are all far too busy to be doing workouts that we don't enjoy!

⚡Working out in a fun, social, lively environment boosts your energy for the rest of the week!

😮I wouldn't be a fitness instructor if it wasn't for group exercise! There are so many benefits that come from working out in a group, whether that's making new friends, making you work harder, or the benefit of everyone else's energy rubbing off on you!


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