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Family & Friends Fitness Treasure Trail

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Saturday April 1st 2023 2pm-4pm

What is included?

  • The Fitness Treasure Trail Map

  • Fitness challenges

  • Prize for everyone who completes the puzzle

  • Refreshments (cash donations welcome)

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Together with Sam Hutchinson Fitness, Cancer Research UK will be holding a Family & Friends Fitness Treasure Trail from 2-4pm on Saturday April 1st. Teams/individuals will be given a list of clues to various locations around Alveston where they will complete small fitness challenges and collect a letter to help them solve the word puzzle! Once all the letters have been found, teams/individuals will rearrange them into a word or phrase and return to the start point to win the grand prize! But don’t worry if you’re not first to return: all participants will receive a small prize for completing the challenge! There will also be a Cancer Research UK Easter stall selling Easter treats and goodies!

Children Poster Paper Map Pirate Island Poster (1).png

How does it work?

​You can participate as an individual or a team. We start at Alveston Parade. Once you arrive at the start point you will receive your Treasure Trail Map which is accompanied by clues and a list of easy fitness challenges. The treasure you are hunting for is individual letters hiding in plain sight in the village of Alveston! You may have even seen them before and not realised they were part of a secret Treasure Trail!

The map will give you an idea of where to start your hunt and the clues will lead you to the treasure! Once you find each piece of treasure you are invited to complete the accompanying fitness challenge! This might be star jumps, squats, lunges or something else, so be ready!

To keep you refreshed on your adventure, you can pop to the Methodist Church pit stop where there will be refreshments waiting for you and you can also pop to the loo if necessary! If you'd like to donate any extra money to the cause there will also be buckets here for cash donations.

Once you have gathered up all your pieces of treasure you will rearrange them into a word or phrase and race back to the starting point to claim your prize!

Who can join in?

Anyone and everyone is invited to join the Family and Friends Fitness Treasure Trail. A certain degree of mobility is required as it does involve a bit of walking as you hunt for the treasure, but most people should be able to join! If you're not up to some of the fitness challenges you can just miss them out, or have another member of your team do them for you! Bring your mum, your dad, your kids, your grandkids, your nanna, your grampy, your friends or anyone else you can find who wants to help you hunt for the treasure!

How do I join and much does it cost?

Book a spot by clicking here - you can either buy an individual ticket or a group ticket.

Individual tickets cost £5 per person, or you can buy a group ticket for up to 5 people for £12. All profits will go straight to Cancer Research UK to help fund vital research into helping fight cancer.

Payment will be taken on the day when you arrive at the Parade. You can pay by cash or card - contactless card machines will be available for you to make payment. You can also donate cash in class, but please don't send any digital donations etc directly to Sam Hutchinson Fitness. 

How can I help?

We are looking for donations to help provide prizes for the lucky treasure hunters who complete the trail! If you're a business and would like to sponsor the event we'd love to have your support and your business logo will be featured on the treasure map as a thank you for your sponsorship. If you can't attend the Treasure Trail, but you still want to help support the cause, get in touch using the contact form or email me at for more info about how you as an individual or local business can help support this fundraiser!

If you're ready to join the fun, book NOW!

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