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About On-Demand

On-Demand sessions are ideal as you're able to take part in them any time, day or night. With this 1 membership you and any other members of your household have access to all the recorded workouts in the On-Demand Studio membership, with new workouts being added every week.There's no travel time, childcare issues or timetable restrictions and you can exercise at your own pace. Workouts vary from just 10 minutes to full one hour classes so there's something to use no matter how much time you have. 

What's included?



Improve your core strength with a huge variety of Pilates workouts.

Latin Aerobics

h (2).png

Dance your workout away with some Latin-dance aerobics routines.


Untitled design (2).png

Tone and strengthen your lower body, arms and core with these ballet inspired workouts.


png heart.jpg


Join the party with full on-demand Zumba classes.


g (15).png

Build core strength with sessions focusing on the tummy area.

Legs, Bums & Tums

i (8).png

Shape and tone your lower body and mid-section with some LBT!

Full Body HIIT

i (4).png

Tone and strengthen the whole body with Full Body HIIT.

Old Skool Aerobics

g (14).png

Keep it traditional with some high impact grapevines, leg curls and all the Old Skool stuff.

Low-intensity Aerobics

b (2)_edited.png

Aerobics that is ideal for older adults and beginners.

Low-Intensity Conditioning

j (3).png

Toning that's ideal for older adults and beginners.

Resistance Band Workouts

g (18).png

Tone up using stretchy bands.


g (1).png

Keep yourself mobile and flexible


j (5)_edited.png

Improve your balance in these short workouts


g (4).png

Workout from a chair - Ideal for older adults or office based workers. 

Express Workouts

j (10).png

Workouts all under 18 minutes for when you've haven't got much time

Free Taster Workouts

"There is so much variety and I'm sooo much fitter for it, I can tell every day."


"Love the huge choice you are providing, both in terms of exercise and duration."


"I just want you to know I think you have been absolutely amazing in making fitness so accessible and varied to suit everyone's needs - you should be very proud of yourself. Theres is always something to suit and I find it really helps with easing stress as well as feeling better for having done something healthy. I am truly grateful."


"I do love the variety of recorded classes. With all your comments and advice on the moves, it feels just like a private lesson and I do find that the options mean that I don't have to opt out of an exercise." 


Useful information

Booking is essential as you need to book to recieve the password. Click here to book your membership.

Before joining any classes you need to complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire linked here.

Membership runs from 8am on Monday morning, to 7am the following Monday morning. Book your weekly membership in just the same way as you'd book a class - make sure you select the correct date. 

On the Monday morning that your subscription begins you'll receive an email with a password in it. This 1 password will give you access to all the membership classes on my website. Just click on the video you'd like to watch in the On-Demand Studio, enter the password and then off you go! Zumba classes are slightly different.  In your Monday morning membership email you'll recieve 7 links and passwords to 7 Zumba classes, 1 for each day of your membership. 

If you have any other questions then please click here to go to the Contact page.

Taster Workouts

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