One-to-one sessions


For those who prefer one-to-one sessions, I offer Pilates-based personal training in Thornbury, Bristol and the surrounding area. These sessions focus on your individual needs and goals, enabling you to get the maximum benefits from your Pilates training in the comfort of your own home. I draw on a wide range of qualifications in the use of exercise as a therapeutic treatment for conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and muscle-related pain, and in joint replacement rehabilitation. I am also able to work with athletes and those who take part in recreational sports to improve their performance through the correction of muscular and postural imbalances.

Mature woman doing pilates at home

Your initial session will begin with an informal chat about you, your goals, and your relevant medical history. It will also include a postural and movement assessment that will form the basis of your personalised Pilates programme. Depending on this assessment, and on your goals, your programme may include exercises targeted at improving your balance and stability, mobility and flexibility, and the strength of your core and other muscle groups. More detail about who can benefit from personalised Pilates is provided below.

People who have painful or limiting conditions


Personalised Pilates can help you to improve and/or manage many challenging physical conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, back pain, osteoporosis, common shoulder and elbow conditions, and hypermobility. Depending upon your condition and how it affects you, your personalised Pilates programme may focus on improving your pain management, mobility and joint function, stability and balance, and/or your strength and stamina. 

People with joint replacements
(such as knee or hip) 


Following a joint replacement, one-to-one Pilates sessions can work in conjunction with your physiotherapy to optimise the functionality of your new joint. As part of your recovery, it can help you to improve the stability, strength, and function of your affected joint and the surrounding musculature, as well as increase your range of movement.

People with posture-related pain (including back pain)
Back-Care Pilates course


An alternative for anyone suffering from back pain is the Back-Care Pilates Course, a twelve-week Pilates-based corrective exercise programme specifically designed for people with back pain. You can choose to do this course as part of a small group or on a one-to-one basis. If you choose to do it privately, it includes an additional session in which you will receive an initial postural and movement assessment. To read more about the Back-Care Pilates course, please click here.

Image of man with bad posture due to kyphosis and lordosis


Back, shoulder, hip, neck, and knee pain are among the most common forms of posture-related pain and are often associated with a wide range of everyday activities that involve spending a prolonged amount of time in one position. A personalised Pilates programme can reduce or eliminate posture-related pain by correcting postural misalignments through stretching, mobilisation, and strengthening exercises.

Athletes and recreational sportsmen and women

If you’re an athlete, or take part in recreational sport or exercise, one-to-one Pilates can help you to correct subtle muscular imbalances, thereby increasing your body’s efficiency of movement. A personalised Pilates programme can also improve your core strength and flexibility so that you can get the most out of the rest of your training, whilst at the same time reducing your risk of injury. If you have suffered an injury, Pilates sessions can help you maintain the strength and flexibility of the muscles surrounding the injury without putting excessive strain on the injured area itself.

Pilates beginners and improvers
Pilates mat


Some people feel more confident attending a Pilates group session once they have done a few one-to-one sessions. Private sessions offer an introduction to the basics of Pilates and enable you to develop good technique from the very start of your Pilates training.

If you’ve been practicing Pilates for some time, one-to-one sessions provide an opportunity for you to perfect your technique and get some personalised training that is centred around you and your unique goals.

Personalised Pilates programme design with monthly assessment


These sessions are slightly different to the other one-to-one sessions. Following an initial discussion and assessment, I will go away and design a progressive four-week Pilates programme for you. We will then meet for a second session where I will go through that programme with you and teach you how to perform each exercise by yourself over the next four weeks. If you choose to continue your training after four weeks, we will meet for a review appointment where we can discuss your progress and the adaptations for your next four-week programme. Following this appointment, I will write up your new programme and send it to you within two working days so you can continue to build upon your achievements.

Personalised Pilates programme design with monthly assessment

I can tailor sessions to your needs, so if you haven't seen what you’re looking for here then please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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