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7 day subscription

The Coronavirus has had an impact on all of us, but to try to help us all stay as active as possible, all my classes have moved online. Recorded sessions are ideal as you're able to take part in them any time, day or night. The weekly subscription costs just £7.50 and runs from 8am on Monday morning, to 7am the following Monday morning. You will have access to all the recorded sessions, with new ones being added on a regular basis, and if there's a session you want to see added then please get in touch and I'll do my best!

If you’d like to join the recorded online classes, you'll first need to complete the

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire linked here.


Once you've done that, you can book your subscription by clicking here.

Make sure you select the correct date. Once you've booked a session, you'll receive a confirmation email which includes details of how to make payment via BACS or PayPal.

On the Monday morning that your subscription begins you'll receive an email with a password in it. This 1 password will give you access to all the recorded online content. You can browse all the videos, or use the videos menu to jump straight to the category of exercise you want to do. Just click on the video you'd like to watch below, enter the password and then off you go! 


If you would like more information about any of the classes, then please complete the contact form by clicking here


Browse all videos or select a category below


Pilates mixed ability 01.png

47 minutes

04 Pilates mixed ability 05.jpg

47 minutes

Pilates mixed ability 02.jpg

45 minutes

Pilates mixed ability 06.jpg

48 minutes

Pilates mixed ability 03.jpg

45 minutes

Pilates mixed ability 07.jpg

41 minutes

Pilates mixed ability 04.jpg

47 minutes

Pilates mixed ability 08.jpg

49 minutes

Pilates mixed ability 09.jpg

48 minutes

Pilates with equipment 01.png

58 minutes

Pilates flow 01 warm up and balance.jpg

15 minutes

Pilates for people with knee issues 01.p

31 minutes

Pilates with equipment 02.jpg

48 minutes

Pilates Flow 02 standing legs and upper

21 minutes

Desk Pilates.png

39 minutes

Pilates with equipment 03.jpg

49 minutes

Pilates flow 03 all 4s and prone exercis

24 minutes

Beginners Pilates.jpg

44 minutes

Pilates Flow 04 - abs.jpg

22 minutes

Pilates breathing mini workshop.jpg

19 minutes



Conditioning Squats and lunges 01.png

31 minutes

04 Conditioning Abdominals LIIT.jpg

27 minutes

04 Conditioning Abdominals HIIT.jpg

27 minutes

Conditioning upper body HIIT with dumbbe

30 minutes


Latin Aerobics

Latin aerobics 01.png

45 minutes

Latin aerobics 04 (stage 1).jpg

45 minutes

Latin aerobics 02.png

45 minutes

Latin aerobics 05 stage 02.jpg

48 minutes

Latin aerobics 03 Finale.jpg

57 minutes

Latin aerobics 06 stage 3.jpg

49 minutes

Latin aerobics 07 stage 4.jpg

49 minutes

Latin aerobics 08.jpg

45 minutes


Recycled Teenagers

RT conditioning 01.png

12 minutes

RT conditioning 05.png

13 minutes

RT aerobics 02.jpg

40 minutes

RT conditioning 02.png

10 minutes

RT conditioning 06.png

16 minutes

RT aerobics 03.jpg

42 minutes

RT conditioning 03.png

15 minutes

RT conditioning 04.png

18 minutes

RT aerobics 01.jpg

41 minutes

RT aerobics 04 stage 3.jpg

42 minutes

RT aerobics 05 stage 4.jpg

42 minutes

RT aerobics 06 stage 01.jpg

42 minutes



Seated latin aerobics.png

29 minutes

Seated lower body and balance.png

13 minutes

Seated Pilates.png

20 minutes

Seated wrists, hands and upper back.png

8 minutes


41 minutes


Stretch That calf and hamstring stretch.

19 minutes

Balance workout 01.png

16 minutes

Resistance bands 01.png

14 minutes

Stretch 14 minute full body 01.png

14 minutes

Balance 02 advanced.jpg

9 minutes

Resistance bands 02.png

16 minutes

Stretch hip and pelvis.jpg

22 minutes

Stretch hip and pelvis edited longer ver

62 minutes

Resistance bands 03.jpg

11 minutes

Resistance bands 04.jpg

17 minutes

Resistance bands 05.jpg

14 minutes

Old skool high impact aerobics 01.jpg

41 minutes

Barre warm up 01.jpg

18 minutes

Barre main workout 01.jpg

50 minutes


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