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Own the Videos

The Online Subscription offers a massive variety of workouts, but for those of you who would rather OWN the workouts I have put together a few packages that you can purchase, download and then do whenever you want!!! 

How it works:

Choose which package you want to purchase.

Send me an email/complete the contact form to let me know which package you'd like to own.

Make payment (via BACS or Paypal).

I will then send you a link and password to a 'showcase' of the videos which you will be able to download to your own device.

The link and password will be valid for 2 weeks to give you plenty of time to download the workouts.

Please note - some of the files are quite large so please make sure you have enough bandwidth to download them and enough storage space to keep them safe as no refunds can be made once you've received the link and password.

Recycled Teenagers


Recycled Teenagers Package 1 £20

(6.81GB of storage required)

Recycled Teenagers 35 - stage 04 of routine

Recycled Teenagers Mini Latin Routine 03

Recycled Teenagers Conditioning 07

Full Body 14 Minute Stretch



Pilates Package 1 £20

(7.46GB of storage required)

Pilates Mixed Ability 04

Pilates Intervals 04 (glutes)

Pilates Flow Warm Up 20

Pilates Flow 13 (abs)

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