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24th September 2021 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!



Thank you all so much for being such awesome human beings and helping to raise awareness of Libby's struggle this week. I got some fabulous videos and pictures of you all in your red and purple and it's really helped increase awareness of her struggle as well as raise a bunch of money! We're not sure of the total yet so I'll update you on that later! For those of you on Facebook here's the link to the Tuesday morning Thornbury Leisure Centre video we did after class that lots of you were struggling to find! If you still want to donate then here's the link to do so


Thursday night St Helens classes

We now have the official go ahead and start date for the return to St Helen's School!! We will be back on.... 14th October, so less than 3 weeks from now! Zumba will be at 6pm and then Pilates will be after - I need to have a think about timings to ensure we can move people between classes safely so Pilates will be around 7, but I will confirm this next week. For the time being there won't be an 8pm class, that might return at some point, I just need to see how things go with the first 2 classes first. Zumba will remain pay-as-you-go as before, but it will be essential that you book your spot as spaces will be limited.You can't book yet as I haven't got the website sorted, but I'll make sure to do this before next Friday. Pilates will now be booked slightly differently. Sessions will now be booked in blocks, rather than as individual sessions. This brings my classes in line with all other local community Pilates, Yoga and adult dance classes. The first 2 blocks will be 5 weeks and then from January they will be 8 weeks so that they're in line with my other Pilates classes that are currently running. Classes will still cost £6 so the first block will be £30 for 5 weeks. If you book and are unable to make a class then I'll send you a class from the On-Demand Studio to do for that week and you will have access to it for the full week so you could potentially do it several times to really get the most out of it!! Unfortunately no refunds can be made for missed classes. Again, you can't book yet, but if you're on the waiting list you will be hearing from me next week and I will make sure it's ready for the website for next Friday too. I can't wait to get these classes back to the real world! It's gonna be so lush to see you all again!


On-Demand Studio

Next week's new workouts in the On-Demand Studio are: Legs, Bums and Tums 16 (45:15 HIIT) Pilates with Equipment 15


Facebook Lives

Next week's Facebook LIVES will be Latin Aerobics! Join me at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my main Facebook page for these!


Abbi Cosh Sports Therapy and Massage

What does working on your feet all day really do to your body? ⁣ The most common problems you may experience from standing all day include discomfort, fatigue, and swelling of the feet, ankles, knees, and legs. However, if you're doing physical labor on your feet all day, you increase your risk of pain and discomfort in your shins, calves, knees, thighs, hips, back, shoulders, and neck. Other complications can include:⁣ Foot pain⁣ Plantar fasciitis⁣ Low back pain⁣ Muscle fatigue⁣ Knee or hip arthritis⁣ Bunions⁣ Neck and shoulder stiffness⁣ Poor posture caused by fatigued muscles⁣ Knee pain⁣ Swollen feet and ankles⁣ Achilles tendonitis⁣ I'm sure that at some point in everyone's lives, they have experienced some sort of back pain. Studies even suggest that back pain associated with work is twice as common in those who stand all day compared to those who work at a desk (although, I'd argue that number is changing). This is even after controlling for age and lifting weights.⁣ For those employees who are a bit older, and still working in manual labor, the number increases. They experience a much higher rate of developing knee pain, joint pain, and may become less able to cope with being on their feet all day. The effects of standing all day can show up almost right away and prolonged standing or walking can often accelerate health problems and soft tissue injuries.⁣ In order to prevent the body presenting with any of the above issues, and you fall in to the bracket that means you are always on your feet all day- consciously start to plan in some stretches, different movements and short but regular breaks of rest. Plan in a monthly deep tissue massage to maintain your most used muscle groups to keep them supple. ⁣ These changes don’t need to be invasive to your day- but it is proven that the body does not sit well with constant load in the same place for a long period of time. So change is good- no matter how small. ⁣ Look after your body so that it stays strong enough to look after you. Abbi xxx


As always, have a fantabulous weekend!

Sam xxx


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