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28th July 2023 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!


Final week of classes for the summer

Next week is the last week of classes before I break up for my extended summer break! All classes running as normal next week and then I will be off until 4th September. During my time off I will be giving the On-Demand Studio away for free to everyone who normally attends classes. If you're a regular member of any face-to-face or online classes you will automatically get the email with the links and passwords for the 4 weeks. If you're not a regular attendee of any of my classes, but still want to access this free offer, make sure you sign up via the bookings page and then you'll get all the links etc too! Some people have expressed concern that they don't know how to use the On-Demand Studio so I've made a little tutorial here for you. Enjoy!

Watch how to use the On-Demand Studio here!


Birthday Thanks!

Thanks so much for all my birthday messages, cards and presents. I feel very loved and am so grateful for all your kindness and generosity! We had a fabulous time at our Murdery Mystery evening and luckily I was neither the victim, nor the murderer! I did make a fabulous Queen though!


Block bookings

If you regularly attend Barre or Pilates you should have had an email about renewing for the September term. Please do reply to this as soon as you know what you're doing. Ideally, I'd like to do as little admin as possible in my time off, so if you know what your plans are, please do let me know next week. Thanks!



Please take a couple of minutes to leave me a Google Review if you enjoy my classes!Click this link and then write some nice stuff about me! Thanks!


Have an awesome weekend,

See you next week,

Sam xxx


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