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5th January 2024 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!


Happy New Year

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and enjoyed some kind of break and managed to get some rest! It's such a massive build up and then it goes so quickly every single year! I hope you're all looking forward to 2024 and are ready to get moving again! Classes are now all open so get yourself down to a class to get your 2024 off to a fabulous start!


Pilates and Barre

Unsurprisingly for January, all Pilates and Barre classes are now fully booked for this term. The best way to grab a space on either of these classes is to join the waiting lists so you're contacted BEFORE the classes are avaliable to book on the website. If you want to add yourself to the waiting lists for any of the below classes just send me a quick email or text.

Pilates (next term starts beginning of March):

Tuesdays 11:15am

Tuesdays 6pm

Thursdays 11:30am

Thursdays 7:05pm

Thursdays 8:05pm

Fridays 9:05am

Barre (next term starts mid-Feb):

Tuesdays 7:05pm

Fridays 11:10am

The beginning of the year is always much harder to get a space on these classes so be sure to jump on the waiting lists if you're wanting to join!


Zumba and Recycled Teenagers

January and February are always super busy times of year for these classes so be sure to get booked onto your classes ASAP! We already have quite a few new people booked on for Monday's Zumba so be sure to get booked on if that's your regular class!


On-Demand Studio Membership

Loads of you did the On-Demand Studio Membership over Christmas and I hope you found it super helpful! If you did the 3 for 2 deal, your membership will expire on Monday morning so if you want to continue having access to the huge variety of workouts that are available, be sure to book on for next week before Monday morning!



Please take a couple of minutes to leave me a Google Review if you enjoy my classes!Click this link and then write some nice stuff about me! Thanks!


Have an awesome weekend,

See you next week,

Sam xxx


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