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5th May 2023 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!


Barre Fitness

Brand new term of Barre Fitness starting very soon – This time, it's a 6-week term for £39, starting week commencing 15th May. Barre Fitness is a ballet inspired workout and is fantastic for toning and building strength in the whole body whilst feeling like a beautiful ballerina! No previous dance experience is necessary and we start a brand new routine week commencing 15th May so it’s the PERFECT time to start! Come along and release your inner swan at Barre Fitness on Tuesdays at 7:05pm or Fridays mornings at 11:05am! For more info get in touch with me, or go ahead and book a spot using the usual booking link!


Pilates classes

The new term is currently underway and all classes are fully booked apart from Thursday 8:05pm class which has just 1 space left. You won't be able to book the term on my website now because it's started, but if you'd like the final place get in touch. I've also opened it as a pay-as-you-go spot for the time being, but that will only be available as long as no-one books for the term. Once it's gone, it's gone! To get on the waiting list for the next term which starts in the last week of June get in touch! All classes are run in Alveston and are at the following times: Tuesdays 11:15am Tuesdays 6pm Thursdays 11:30am Thursdays 7:05pm Thursdays 8:05pm Fridays 9am


Bank Holiday

Remember there are no classes this Monday due to the Bank Holidays. If you're going to miss your regular class consider one of the following options to replace it: Gentle Pilates - come to Weds morning Zoom Pilates at 10am Recycled Teenagers - come to Friday morning RT at 10:05am in Alveston (same hall as Monday night class) Zumba - come to Thursday evening Zumba at 6pm at St Helen's school in Alveston. Booking essential as always!



Please take a couple of minutes to leave me a Google Review if you enjoy my classes!Click this link and then write some nice stuff about me! Thanks!


Have a lovely long weekend (2 in a row!),

See you all next week,

Sam xxx


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