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8th December 2023 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!


3 for 2 in the On-Demand Studio

Bit slow off the mark this year, but I've set up the regular 3 for 2 in the On-Demand Studio to run during my time off. This means you can do UNLIMITED classes between 18th Dec and 7th Jan for just £16. Time off at Christmas is lush but, personally, I can start to feel a bit itchy to do some exercise after a week or so of slobbing about (no chance of that this year for me with Patch constantly hitting me if he wants to go out)! With the On-Demand Studio you can do anything from Pilates to Zumba, from Barre to HIIT, from Abs to LBT, from low impact aerobics to Latin Aerobics!

Booking link here as normal!


Toilet Rolls!

Bit of a bizarre request, but Patch absolutley loves a 'Snuffle Box'. This is where I hide treats in cardboard boxes and old loo roll tubes, chuck them all in a bigger box, tape it up and then let him at it! It's his absolute favourite thing to do (apart from walkies obviously)! So, with 2 and a half weeks off coming up, I'm in desperate need of some extra small cardboard boxes (the sort of size of an empty tablet box or the kind beauty products come in) and loo roll tubes. If you've got any knocking about in your recycling box and don't mind digging them out and bringing them to class Patch will be eternally grateful! TIA!



From the start of next year, all classes will be going up by 50p a class. I hope you all understand that I do try to keep my prices affordable, but with increases in hall costs, insurance and license costs, I can't delay the price rise any longer. If the price rise is going to be an issue for you, please do reach out as I would hate for anyone to be no longer able to come. Anyone who has bought pre-payment cards for pay-as-you-go classes will be able to use up any remaining credit at the current prices and will pay the new prices when you buy your first card next year.

From Jan 2024 prices will be as follows:

On-Demand Studio: £8.50

Gentle Pilates: £8.50

Recycled Teenagers: £6

Pilates: £7/£9

Online Pilates: £7

Barre Fitness: £7/£9


New Zumba Song

Again, no new Zumba song this week because we're doing Christmas classics! Instead, here is a throwback to a REALLY old 2020 Zumba song. Oh, I'm dressed as a snowman!

If you want the full version of this, it's in the Xmas themed Zumba from 2020 in the On-Demand Studio!


🎅Christmas holidays🎅

The dates I'll be off for Christmas this year are 16th Dec to 3rd Jan. So the last classes of the year will be Friday the 15th Dec 2023 and then classes will resume on Thursday 4th Jan 2024.


On-Demand Studio Membership

All the Christmas workouts are now available in the On-Demand Studio!

This is all the extra stuff you'll be getting throughout December!

Here's all the Christmas workouts!

🕯️Candlelight Chillates

🤶Recycled Teenagers Festive Routine

🧝Elfabet HIIT workout

🩰Barre Humbug

☃️All I want for Christmas is abs

🪿12 days of Pilates Christmas

❄️Xmas themed Zumba from 2020

🎄2020/2021 Zumba Classics 01 & 02

🎁2022 Zumba Classics

⛄2023 Zumba Classics



Please take a couple of minutes to leave me a Google Review if you enjoy my classes!Click this link and then write some nice stuff about me! Thanks!


Have an awesome weekend,

See you next week,

Sam xxx


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