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9th July 2021 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!



It turns out there is a much more simple way for me to run the Zoom class links so next week will be the last week I will be sending out the individual links before classes. From 19th July you will now get the link for the class in the CONFIRMATION email when you book, rather than right before the class. This means you will have fewer emails clogging up your inbox and it's a little more simple for me. There will be 1 link for EVERYTHING! So, if you come on a Monday and a Wednesday (for example) the same link, meeting ID and password will work for both classes so there's far less for those of you who come to multiple classes to keep track of. Next week I will still send out the emails as normal as I know not everyone reads these emails, but the link in those emails will be the NEW ONE. NONE OF THE OLD LINKS WILL WORK FROM NEXT WEEK! So, make sure you book for next week's classes or you won't have the correct link for your class! From 19th July you will also be able to book up to 30 minutes before the class! When I'm emailing the links manually I have to allow myself time to send the links but once it's all automated there's no need for such an early cut off time! It's gonna be great and soooo much easier! If you have any questions about the new system then let me know!


New on demand workouts

Next week's new videos are: Legs and bums (no tums) 15 Full Body HIIT 11

Timetable changes for summer

For the summer period I will be closing the Monday 11am Pilates Zoom session for a while. The 9:30am Gentle Pilates on Mondays will still be running as normal so please join that one instead if you can!


Next week's Facebook LIVES

Next week's Facebook LIVES will be...Low Intensity Conditioning! This is basically Recycled Teenager's conditioning, but as it's suitable for everyone who prefers a lower intensity workout I thought it might be a better name! Do join me at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday if you can and catch up later if you can't. I was streaming them into the community group too but I've lost the connection to that at the minute and can't get it set up again so it might just be on the main page until I manage to hunt out the gremlins and kick them out!


Holiday weeks

I will be taking 2 weeks off this summer so I won't be teaching live classes between 9th Aug and 22nd Aug so I suggest you all book your summer holidays during that period! 😜

That's all folks!

Have an awesome weekend!

Stay safe and healthy,

See you all next week,

Sam xxx


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