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Beginners' Tips!

📅Plan your workouts just like you'd plan anything else in your life! Put them in your diary and you're so much more likely to stick to your plan!


👍Consistency is more important than intensity. Get the consistency sorted and make sure it's a regular part of your life and then think about incresaing the intensity of your workout to make it more challenging.


Start slowly and build up gradually! It's great when we feel motivated, but if we set our targets too high we are more likely to burn out and injure ourselves so start with a small amount, do it consistently and gradually build up in intensity and time!


😴Rest is just as important as exercising if you want to get stronger.

💪We become stronger by causing teeny tiny little bits of damage to our muscles and then when our body repairs those little bits of damage, it builds them a little bit stronger. This is why rest is SO important. You need to allow your body time to recover from the stress you have put it under in your workout!💤


⌛So often we want to get on with our workout and then we're dashing off to get on with our day afterwards that we can forget the importance of the warmup and cool down.

👍The warmup prepares our muscles for exercise and makes our workout more effective and the cool down makes you less likely to injure yourself and suffer from post workout caches and pains!


♥Find a workout you LOVE!♥

❌Truth be told, if you don't love it (or at least like it) there's not a great chance that you will be doing it a year, 2 years, 10 years from now. So stop doing it and find something you do enjoy! There is enough in our lives that we have to do that we don't enjoy, whether that's the laundry, going to work or paying your car insurance! Don't make fitness one of these! Find something you enjoy doing and you are onto a winner!✔


🌄If your ideal time to exercise is the morning then get literally everything ready for your workout the night before. Have your kit out, water bottle full and ready to go. Devices on charge if you like to listen to music or podcasts and know what your workout will be and when you're going to start it. Organisation is the key to lots of success!🔑


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