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Benefits of Strength Training

🧨It boosts your metabolism!

Muscle takes a lot more calories to fuel than other types of tissue which means that if you have a lot of muscle mass on your body you require more calories to fuel it on a daily basis.

👍So, if you can build more muscle on your body then whenever you're carrying out your daily tasks (such as scrolling through Facebook!) you will be burning more calories than if you didn't have that muscle mass!

🏋️‍♀️Strength training is the best way to build muscle mass! Whether that is just using your body weight or adding a bit or weight using dumbbells or a couple of bottles of water you will be building calorie-hungry tissue that helps give your metabolism a nice little boost!


🦴It builds bone density.

As we age our bones do lose density and become more fragile. This starts frighteningly early and the rate of bone loss accelerates when we reach menopause.

💪Strength training helps to build bone density and reduces the rate at which we lose bone density. Strength training causes osteoblasts which are bone building cells to be sent to our bones and increase the density of our bones! Win!


🤕Protects you from injury!

💪Stronger muscles respond quicker and in a stronger way than untrained muscles meaning if you slip, trip or fall you are less likely to experience an injury!🥳


♥Body confidence!

😢Studies have shown that low body confidence can impact on people in many ways from affecting what they choose to wear, deciding on where to go on holiday, going on dates, becoming more active and even applying for jobs.

💪Strength training improves your posture which will make you feel and move more confidently as well as shapes and defines your whole body. When we feel more confident about our bodies we move differently, we feel better and we behave in different ways.


🎆Improves your other forms of fitness

🦶If you're a runner and you add a bit of strength training you're gonna see your times improve. ⚽⚾🏀If you do a sport then some strength training will improve your technique and strength at your sport. 🩰👯‍♂️If you're a dancer strength training will improve your dancing and technique!


👍It improves your posture!

We spend so much time hunched over desks🪑 and steering wheels🚗, looking at phones 📱and sitting at desks working at computers💻! All this time adds up and you can see and feel it in your body. Your shoulders become rounded, your head sites further forwards than it should, your lower back can lose it's natural curve or the natural curve can become too pronounced!👎

❌These postural changes occur because certain muscles are tight and other muscles are weak! ✔Strength training can help to strenghten those muscles that have become weak and help to correct or prevent these postural changes that have occurred. This then leads to a reduced risk of injury and posture related pain!


♥Improves your heart health♥

👇There are so many health benefits to strength training!

❤Reduced risk of heart disease

❤Lowered LDL cholesterol

❤Lowers your blood pressure

❤Helps to control blood sugar levels

❤Strengths your heart and blood vessels!


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