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Reasons Older Adults Should Attend Group Exercise Classes!


😃When you join a group exercise class you meet new people and you make new friends!

❤My Recycled Teenagers classes are some of the friendliest classes that I teach and that friendliness really makes a difference to how much you enjoy your workout! Once you retire you can lose touch with people and you can lose that sense of having a bunch of people that you see on regular basis which can be bad for our mental health. Finding ways to connect with people makes a massive difference to our mental health and joining a group exercise class is a really simple way of adding that back into your life and it makes you enjoy your workout even more when you're doing it with friends!


🦴Bone Density

💪When we exercise we build strength in our bones! This becomes more important as we get older as our bones naturally become more fragile as we age. It's a totally normal part of the aging process, but there is something we can do about it to help to slow it down!

🏋️‍♀️Any kind of exercise where you are bearing your own weight will help to increase your bone density and will slow the rate of bone loss over time! Osteoblasts get sent to your bones and these are the cells that build the strength of your bones! Win!🥇

😅Plus, when you exercise in a group you're going to work a little bit harder than when you workout alone, meaning you're going to get even more benefit!


🩸Cholesterol levels!

🩸We have 2 kinds of cholesterol in our bodies and exercise helps to reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol! 🥵The harder you work when you exercise, the more improvement you will see in your cholesterol levels. 👯‍♀️Research shows that when you exercise in a group you work a little bit harder without even realising it, so you're going to get more benefit than if you exercise alone!👍


⚖Balance Training!

👍When you attend a class designed specifically for older adults there will probably be some exercises in there to help you to improve your balance. Balance does become more of a challenge as we age AND it becomes more important as we age too so this is a super important element of training to include in your workouts as you get a little older!



👵As we get older we naturally become a bit stiffer. It's all part of the natural aging process, but there is something we can do to reduce the impact of these changes.👍

❤If you attend a group exercise class that is specifically designed for older adults you'll find there's a bit more stretching and a bit more focus on mobility as well as some additional work for the wrists and the ankles!✋🦶


🧠Cognitive Ability!

Group exercise classes that are designed for older adults often include movements that challenge your brain as well as challenge your body! Doing these kinds of exercises to keep your brain active can make a massive difference to your overall cognitive function!


💉Disease Prevention!😷

Exercise helps protect us against many diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and many, many more! When we exercise in a group we are more likely to adhere to our programme meaning you're more likely to get those benefits!


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