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Benefits of Pilates

🍎Your core is pretty much every part of your body that isn't your head, arms or legs. People so often think 'Core' just means tummy, but it actually includes your back, your bum, your pelvic floor as well as your tummy! Good core strength makes us stronger on a daily basis, protects us from injury, improves continence and helps prevent back pain!


👍Pilates not only improves your posture, but it helps to increase your awareness of it which is KEY if you want to see long term improvements and to reduce your risk of posture-related pain and injury. Knowing where your shoulders, spine and pelvis should be in order to place the body under the least amount of stress is vital if you want to improve your posture and Pilates will drill this information into you!🗝


🥼👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️Pilates is recommended by doctors, physios and all kinds of medical professionals to help you reduce or prevent back pain. 🪑🚗Modern life has so many opportunities to sit poorly and move badly in ways that can either injure us or cause posture related pain and so often those pains come in the form of back pain! 🧘‍♀️Pilates not only strenghtens the muscles that support your spine, but it also teaches you awareness of the best ways to sit, stand and move through your daily life, thereby reducing your risk of developing back pain!👍


Pilates decreases stress. The connection between the body and the mid and it's ability to calm and destress you is massive. Spending an hour just focusing on YOU and YOUR body can make a massive difference to your stress levels and can help to reduce anxiety too!


😷🤒As we move into the cooler months, immunity becomes something we all start to think a bit more about. The good news is that exercise, including Pilates, boosts your immunity!


🏅Pilates enhances your sport performance. Who could forget all the photos of the England Football Team doing Pilates during their training for the 2020 World Cup! ⚽Not any Pilates instructors I can tell you that! Andy Murray 🎾added Pilates to his training following back surgery and Victoria Pendleton even said 'I’ve been doing Pilates for more than a year and for me it’s been a real breakthrough in managing back pain and building my postural muscles. I have lots of lumbar spine issues from spending my life hunched over a bike.'🚲🚵‍♀️


😴Improves sleep! This ties in with the boosted immune system too as when we are better rested, our immune system


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