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Things you might not know about Zumba

🍑🦵💪Zumba is a full body workout! It gets the whole body moving by combining dance and aerobics to get the entire body moving so you burn calories, work up a sweat AND have fun at the same time!😅


😰It's a great cardio workout!

❤To improve your cardiovascular fitness you need to work between 64% and 94% of your maximum heart rate OR between 40% and 85% of your VO2 Max. A study in the journal of sports science and medicine found that participants on average work at 79% of their maximum heart rate AND at around 66% of their VO2 Max so in Zumba we are ticking both these boxes! Boom!🎆


♥It is suitable for absolutely everyone! Every movement is adaptable so it can be modified to suit YOU and your needs! If you have a dodgy knee you can remove the jumps or change any squats to make them more suitable for you! On the other hand if you're a bouncy, springy bunny you can add EXTRA jumps in and make the workout even tougher!🐇

👯‍♂️You also DO NOT NEED ANY DANCE EXPERIENCE! You learn the moves as you go along so it doesn't matter if you think you have 2 left feet, you will gradually pick the moves up over time!🐾


👯‍♂️It is so social and the classes have a great community feel to them!♥

🥳Zumba is a non-competetive form of exercise and, combined with the tag line 'Join the party!' means the classes are friendly and social spaces! You might not know anyone when you first walk in, but within a few weeks you'll have a whole gang of Zumba buddies who dance and (maybe) sing along with you!


🦵Zumba is a toning workout as well as a cardio workout! The secret to Zumba's success is that it disguises exercises like squats and lunges as dancing, so you don't even realise how many squats and lunges you're doing because you're just dancing along, but your body is getting all the benefits of a conditioning workout at the same time!💪


🥳Zumba boosts your mood! I have taught Zumba for over 10 years and I have never done a class that didn't make me feel better! The music, the feel good chemicals and the people all combine in a Zumba class to make you feel amazing!🎉


😁It boosts your confidence and improves your rhythm and co-ordination!

🔁Zumba is fairly repetitive in the sense that the moves repeat themselves in different songs, plus we do each song for many, many weeks before we change it so you get to know and love the songs and dances really well and that's when you can really start to give it some and add your own flavour!💃


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