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Things you might not know about Barre Fitness

❌You don't need any fancy kit to join. No fancy clothes, shoes or equipment are required to participate! We just wear our regular fitness gear and most people are quite happy in socks! As much as we'd love to prance around in tutus, it's not really how we do it in Barre Fitness! Just come along in whatever you feel comfortable in!🩰


❌You do not need any dance experience to join in with Barre Fitness! we're not training for exams or grades or performances or anything like that so it's just all about moving, having a good time and getting fit!


🩰It is an amazing lower body workout! We spend almost an hour doing plies and leg lifts which means you get a fab toning workout for your lower body. The fact that we spend so much time on one leg also makes it an amazing balance workout and then the abs section we do at the end of the sessions ensures your tummy doesn't miss out either!


💪It is an amazing upper body workout! Because we use slow, controlled and deliberate arm movements, your arms get a super effective workout throughout the whole class! It's also a fab core workout because of all the balance training that's involved in standing on 1 leg for a long period of time!


💪It is excellent for your posture! There's a reason you've never seen a ballerina with bad posture! Think about it!


🩰It is awesome for your flexibility! Because we spend an hour attempting the movements that 'real' ballerinas do and recreating that length and elegance through the whole body we spend an hour not only strengthening our muscles, but also lengthening them at the same time! It's a two for one if you think about it!


😰It is fabulous for stress relief! We were actually chatting about this after class this Friday. Because the workout sits somewhere between a Pilates workout and a more upbeat aerobics workout you get the benefits of both. The focus on the routine gives you that mind-body style workout whilst the upbeat music and pace of the class boosts your feel good hormones! 🎆


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