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15th April 2022 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!


Easter timetable

Thanks to everyone who came to class today on Good Friday! I hope it was indeed a Good Friday! Don't forget that there are no classes this Monday due to Easter Monday.


Youth Centre Classes

All classes that normally run at the Alveston Youth Centre will be held at the Jubilee Hall instead next week. This is the hall that's right next door to the Youth Centre. The only exception to this is Monday night Recycled Teenagers which is not running next week due to the bank holiday. You should still be able to park in the Youth Centre car park. Any questions get in touch with me!



The next term of Pilates sessions is fast approaching! All terms will begin in the first week of May. If you're already attending these classes then please do let me know if you'd like to renew by next week. If you'd like to join these sessions then get in touch as I'll be starting to offer spaces to people on the waiting lists from next week. Tuesdays 11:15am Thursdays 11:30am Thursdays 7:05pm Thursdays 8:05pm Fridays 9:00am


On-Demand Studio Membership

Next week's new videos in the On-Demand Studio are: EXPRESS Abs 04 EXPRESS Lower Body 04



Please take a couple of minutes to leave me a Google Review if you enjoy my classes!Click this link and then write some nice stuff about me! Thanks!


Have a lovely Easter weekend, I hope you all have a lovely time and enjoy some tasty Easter eggs!

See you all next week,

Sam xxx


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