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17th September 2021 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!Strap yourselves in guys, it's a long one this week! Maybe go grab a cuppa!



All next week I'll be inviting you to join me to help raise awareness of this lovely little girl's struggle. #Dance4Libby This is Libby from Nuneaton and is the granddaughter of a friend of a very close instructor friend of mine - Libby is 10 and has recently been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma - a rare & fast spreading Cancer. Libby is currently having her 3rd lot of chemo and has had to shave her head - she is super brave. We would like to raise money to help with equipment while she is having treatment. THIS IS WHERE YOU ALL COME IN - I would love for you to either join in by WEARING PURPLE OR RED (OR BOTH) to class and Dance for Libby - then donate whatever you can plus I will share the photo's (and any videos anyone is willing to allow me to take!) using the #dance4libby Here's the link to donate If you'd rather donate cash then feel free to bring to class and I will be doing a transfer of all the funds we've raised next weekend. Please don't donate to my work account as it will probably get lost. If you're joining me from home in the On-Demand Studio then pease do send me a pic of you working out in red or purple and I'll share on social media too. Also please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE and tag anyone you think would like to get involved. I'll be posting everyday for the next week about Libby so just go to my Facebook or Instagram pages and you can donate/share from there too. LET'S TURN THE INTERNET RED AND PURPLE FOR LIBBY Of course, if you don't have any red or purple clothes, or don't want to be in any photos/videos then you are still welcome at class!


Alveston Community Together

Last Saturday many local businesses in Alveston came together rebuild our community after Covid. It was an amazing day and I met lots of new people and also reconnected with loads of people who I've lost touch with over the last few years. If you were there and supported the event then thanks so much for coming and I think they're hoping to make it an annual event!


St Helen's School Thursday night

I sort of have some news about Thursday night! I'm crossing my fingers hard that we will be able to return to face-to-face classes from November. I have a meeting with the school next Monday so hopefully I will be able to find out what problems need solving to get us back to class and get working on those! More news next week!


Google Reviews

I've finally managed to 'claim' my business on Google! After some false starts where I had the verification postcard sent to the wrong address (duh!) I've finally managed to get this done! What that means is that you can now leave me a review on Google! Get me, being all professional! If you have a few minutes to write something about your experience of coming to my classes, whether that's online, face-to-face, one-to-one sessions or the on-demand studio I would MASSIVELY appreciate it! People feel much more confident attending classes or courses with instructors who other people like so if you could make me look popular I'd be very grateful! 😂 Link to leave a review is here


Face-to-Face classes

These are still going down an absolute storm and I am still having 'I can't believe we're actually here' moments in every class! Remember booking is essential! There are just 4 spaces left on Monday night's Zumba and also only 4 pay-as-you-go spaces available in Barre Fitness so get booking quick sharp if you haven't already!


On-Demand Studio New Videos

Next week's new videos are: Low Intensity Aerobics (Recycled Teenagers) 40 Pilates Intervals 10


Next Week's Facebook Lives

Next week I'll be doing Lower Body Toning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am live on my main Facebook page. Do join me live or catch up on the replay! I'm hoping to soon be able to do some Instagram lives too, but I'm waiting for a lead to connect my mixer to my phone (another one I've had plenty of false starts with over the last few weeks!).


That's all folks!

10 out of 10 if you made it to the bottom of this email as this week's was a marathon!

Have a fab weekend, I'm going to (from the comfort of my own studio) a pelvic floor workshop so more coming on that in the next few months!

See you all next week,

Sam xxx


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