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18th March 2022 Newsletter

2 years tomorrow!

It is absolutely crazy to think that tomorrow it will be 2 years since I taught my first Zoom classes as the initial wave of covid swept the country and things started to close down. That means that it's exactly 2 years today that I did the first 'Come and try Zoom just to get to know it before we start classes' Zoom session! I settled down in my dining room for 3 hours not knowing if anyone was going to join me having just sent the invitation email about 2 hours before, but there was a steady stream of you who came to see what this new fangled Zoom thing was all about! At the time I was trying to appear as though I had a clue what I was doing, but I was totally bluffing my way through it all! I cannot believe how much my job has changed since this time 2 years ago. I work so much more from home now (which I love because if I didn't we wouldn't have been able to get Patch!), but one thing that has remained the same throughout this time has been your support and loyalty. I am so grateful to every single one of you who has supported my business throughout the last 2 years. This is has been the most crazy time to run your own business and having such lovely and amazing people in all my classes has made it such a joy. I'm not saying there wasn't stress along the way (getting the sound on Zoom to work being the most stand out one!), but I'm so glad that my business has transformed in the way that it has. Thankyou all so much as always for being a part of the Sam Hutchinson Fitness team and for making all my classes so friendly, welcoming and great fun!


On-Demand Studio Membership

Next week's new videos in the On-Demand Studio are: EXPRESS Barre 03 EXPRESS Low Impact Aerobics 03


Have a lovely weekend,

I hope mine will be slightly more restful than this time 2 years ago, but with a 14 week old puppy in the house, I'm not sure that's likely!

See you all next week,

Sam xxx


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