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1st October 2021 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week! I'm gonna try to be brief (which is not my forte) as it's late and there's lots to get through as always!



Following unprecedented (ha ha I hate that word after 2020!) interest in the 7:05pm Pilates class I've decided to add another one at 8:05pm! Back to late nights on Thursday for me, but I'm so thrilled that so many people want to get back into Pilates I just can't help myself! This 8:05pm class will run in exactly the same way at the 7:05pm one. Sessions will now be booked in blocks, rather than as individual sessions. This brings my classes in line with all other local community Pilates, Yoga and adult dance classes. The first 2 blocks will be 5 weeks and then from January they will be 8 weeks so that they're in line with my other Pilates classes that are currently running. Classes will still cost £6 so the first block will be £30 for 5 weeks. If you book and are unable to make a class then I'll send you a class from the On-Demand Studio to do for that week and you will have access to it for the full week so you could potentially do it several times to really get the most out of it!! Unfortunately no refunds can be made for missed classes. The additional class is now available to book online. If you already asked to be added (or transferred from the 7:05pm class) and haven't hear from me then I've missed your email so get in touch! As some people have moved from 7:05pm to 8:05pm I now have 2 spaces left in the 7:05pm class. I'm keeping those for priority booking for previous members until Monday and then they will go live on the website too. Can't wait to get back to St Helens! It all feels quite emotional at the minute!


Next week's online Zumba party!

Next week will be our last (hopefully) online Zumba class, so it's gonna be a big party! Feel free to dress fancy or snazzy or glittery or anyway you want! Let's make this last one a night to remember! If you attended online, but have fallen off the wagon please do come and join us! It would be so awesome to see loads of people there to mark the occasion of the final online Zoomba! We will be doing all the songs that we will use at the first face-to-face class so if you want to get a head start on the songs we're doing then come and join the party!


Next week's classes

Just 4 spaces left in Monday night 7:20pm Zumba for next week! Only 2 spots left for Barre on Friday at 11am. Get booking ladies!



Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to Libby's fundraiser. The total last night was £1013 which is over DOUBLE what they were hoping to raise to thank you all soooo much for handing over your cash, taking photos and sharing all over social media! This money will help to make Libby's life a little easier over the coming months. xxx


Facebook LIVES

Next week I'll be LIVE at 9am doing 10 minute Pilates tasters on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Do join me if you can or catch up on the #replay!


On-Demand Studio Videos

The new workouts going into the On-Demand Studio next week are: Pilates Flow 33 Low Intensity Aerobics 41


Google reviews

If you have a couple of minutes spare over the weekend I would be extremely grateful if you could leave me a Google review! Just click the link below and then write some nice stuff about me! Thanks!


Have a super weekend!

See you all next week!

Sam xxx


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