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3rd September 2021 Newsletter

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for coming to class/subscribing this week!


September Timetable!

The September Timetable has now officially launched! Lots of changes for next week, the main one being that I am going to see soooo many more of you face-to-face! Zumba is back at Manorbrook School at 7:20pm on Monday - just 6 spaces left as this email 'goes to press'. Thursday's Pilates is back at 11:30am at Alveston Youth Centre - just 4 spots left! Recycled Teenagers is back on Friday at 9:30am at Alveston Youth Centre - loads of spots left, come on ladies get booked on! And Barre Fitness is back at 11:00am on Friday at Alveston Youth Centre - half the spaces are gone here too! Remember you can book this for the 6 week block OR as a pay-as-you-go class. If you try the first one and enjoy it then I can deduct the cost of the first class from the 6 week block if you want to sign up to that! There will also be an online Pilates for those of you who aren't coming back to the face-to-face classes on Wednesdays at 11:00am! The new timetable is at the bottom of this email so keep it for reference if you need it! I am sooooo excited to be getting back to these sessions! I know there are some still left to go, but I'm working on it and hopefully we will get the rest of the classes that aren't staying online permanently back to the real world soon!


Date for your diary!

Alveston is holding a 'Community Together' event which is a celebration and showcase of Alveston to bring the community together and rebuild after Covid-19. It will be held at Alveston Methodist Church, Wolfridge Ride on September 11th between 10am-12:30pm. Entry is free and you can get to see all the things that are going on in our lovely little village. I will be there pedalling my wares so come along and say 'Hi'!


On-Demand Membership

Next week's new videos are: Low Impact Aerobics (Recycled Teenagers 39) Barre 21 - this is a barre and centre routine with an added little performance section in it to beautiful piano music. I'm so excited to see what you think of this addition to the barre videos so please do send feedback once you've done it!


Facebook Lives

Next week I'll be doing some Barre Fitness at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday! Come join me or get it on the replay!


Social Media!

Those of you on Facebook and Instagram, thanks so much for all the love and support! Please keep liking, sharing, commenting whenever I pop up on your feed because when you interact with my posts it means more people get to see them! That means I get to reach more people and help them get fit! September is similar to January in terms of people having a bit of a health kick so now is a really key time to get people into classes! Being fit and healthy has NEVER been more important than it has been in the last couple of years so help me spread the word and magic of fitness! All it takes is a tap or a click! Thanks!


Have a fabtabulous weekend!

I'm going to try and get some rest before the massive week ahead (and also maybe do my tax return, but also maybe not bother!)

See, YES SEE, you all next week!

Sam xxx


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