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💻🕘Benefits of on demand online training


🌞The workouts are available 24/7 so you can choose which workout to do when you want to do it. If it's a bit too warm for you, you could opt for a lower intensity session like Pilates. If you're feeling super energetic you could choose a high intensity HIIT workouts. Fancy a boogie? Latin aerobics, Zumba or Barre Fitness are there whenever you want them! Feeling retro? Grab an Old Skool Aerobics workout! All whenever you want to!

Sessions also vary from 10 minutes to full hour long sessions so no matter how much time you have you can find something that fits with your lifestyle!


🚗No travel – saves you money and time!

🚘No need to find parking or allow time to get through reception etc!

💻Pop your laptop/phone/tablet on and off you go!


💻With on demand training there's no need to find childcare or wait for your partner to get home so you can get out to class! You can do your class and know your kids are looked after at the same time at no extra cost!💰


⌛Online training has so many benefits, especially during the school holidays when it's harder to get to a physical class because you're looking after children or grandchildren!👶🧒


📅You're not restricted by a timetable!

🎆With LIVE classes you have to join the classes according to your instructor's/gym's timetable. With online training YOU choose what class you WANT to do!

🥵Fancy a HIIT workout today? Do a HIIT workout! 😎More up for a stretch this evening? Do a stretch workout!

💻On demand training is so much more versatile than live classes because ALL the classes are available ALL the time! If you wanna get up at 2am and do a workout then you can! You definitely won't find that with LIVE classes!


❤This is probably my favourite one of all!❤

👖No fashion show and no need to even get changed out of your pajamas!

🚿Plus, you can do your workout first thing in the morning and then jump straight in the shower after!


🌞Absolutely NO waiting lists at all! Get access to your favourite workout straight away!


👍No commitment required and no sign up fees!

💪With my on demand workout subscription you are not tied into any payments or memberships! Just book weekly when you want the workouts!

💰Plus, there are no sign up or joining fees that you might find at a gym!

💲Great value for money with no add-ons!


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