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💪Benefits of Strength Training💪

Strength training is just as important for women as it is for men! Women so often avoid it for fear of getting 'bulky' but there really is no need! The truth is, building big muscles is HARD work! It takes an immense amount of training, planning and focussed nutrition to develop the kind of body most women are thinking of when they say they don't want to get 'bulky'! A little bit of strength training is never going to create that physique!

And yet there are so many benefits that many women are missing out on because they fear picking up some weights!

Just a few of the MANY benefits include:

Increased metabolism - burn more calories on a daily basis

Strengthens bones which protects against osteoporosis. The earlier you start, the more benefit you will have!

Reduces the risk of injury - because your joints are better supported and your posture will be improved

Increased body confidence - because you won't bulk up unless you want to and work for that effect!


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