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How To Set Fitness Goals

👍Whether you're just starting out exercising or you've been doing it for ages, it's really important to set goals!

🤩Setting goals not only keeps you on track, but it also gives you an amazing feeling when you achieve those goals.

ℹHow you set your goals can make a massive difference to how much they will help you. Here's a few tips to help you set GOOD and EFFECTIVE goals that will help you achieve more in your workouts and also enjoy them more!!!


Specific – this sounds obvious, but your goal should be specific to what you want to achieve in the long run. Want to run a marathon? The goal should be related to running

Measurable – you need a way to measure your progress. ‘Run x distance in y amount of time’ is a much better goal than ‘run faster’ because you can measure how close you are to reaching your goal

Agreeable – again, hopefully this should be obvious, but your goals should be agreeable to you. If you don’t really want to achieve it the likelihood is that you won’t =. Set goals, you’re committed to and actually care about!

Realistic – set goals you know are achievable. Setting unrealistic goals is demotivating and will leave you feeling like a failure! On the other hand, setting realistic goals gives you focus and motivation.

Time-framed – Goals should be time-framed. All this means is that you should set a time by which you want to achieve that goal. Without a time-frame you can easily keep putting off the hard work that needs to be done!


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