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⚖Tips for balance⚖

🎆Balance is super important for everyone - whether you're involved in sports that require rapid changes of movement or you're just looking to age well, balance is the key to success!

🎇Balance can feel like a tricky thing to improve upon, but here are a few tips that will make an INSTANT difference to your ability to balance.


👍Engage your core muscles - imagine you're going to be punched in the tummy and brace your abdominals in the same way you would to protect yourself.


🚽Lift your pelvic floor - imagine you need a wee and you're gonna sneeze. for guys, think 'guts to nuts'!


🍑Squeeze your bum - imagine you have a £50 note between your bum cheeks and someone is trying to steal it.


👀Finally, stare at something stationary!


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