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Winter Health Tips!

Eat a varied diet that contains lots of vitamin C

🍊🍋Eating a well balanced diet that includes plenty of vitamin C helps to strengthen out immune system and keeps us healthy from the inside out!♥


Stay active to boost your immune system

💪Physical activity helps to keep you warm and also boosts the immune system which helps protect against things like colds and flu🤧


Moisturise daily to protect your skin

👍Daily moisturising helps to protect your skin from the cold weather which can cause dry and itchy skin


Stay hydrated to clear toxins from your body

🚰Keeping hydrated helps protect your skin from the winter perils and is a super healthy habit to have all year round! It helps to clear toxins from our bodies and helps carry nutrients to our cells.👍


Wash your hands to stop bacteria and viruses spreading

✋🚾Maintain good hygiene like hand washing to help stop bacteria and viruses spreading will make you less likely to pick up any nasty bugs!


Get a good night’s sleep to reduce stress

😴Getting a good night’s sleep helps to eliminate the stress hormone cortisol and also boosts our metabolism, meaning you burn more calories all day long!👍


Get outside in the fresh air

⛄Get outside in the fresh air if you can! Not that easy in the British winter time, but any outdoors time will give you a nice little boost of vitamin D and help to keep your mood a little higher!🎅


Get your winter vaccinations

💉Get your winter vaccinations even if you’re fit and healthy to make you less likely to pick up any bugs and mean that you’re less likely to be hit hard by them if you do pick them up. I'm getting my flu jab today!👍


Wrap up warm!

🧥Stay nice and warm! Wrap up warm when you’re out in the cold and try to keep your home warm too. Being cold can’t make you sick, but the stress of keeping yourself warm all day can take it’s toll on your health and it makes it harder for the body to protect itself🔥


Go for healthy stews and soups to keep you satisfied

🍫🍷Winter foods are nice and comforting and can make us feel a bit more content in the darker months, but try to avoid comfort eating if you can. Try to go for healthy soups and stews to keep you satisfied rather than cakes and chocolates all the time!🍲


Spend time in green spaces to promote feelings of wellbeing

🏞Spending time in green spaces such as parks, gardens and allotments promotes feelings of wellbeing and also boosts your self-esteem!🌲🌳


If you do get sick then REST!

🤒Rest if you do get sick! If you have a raised temperature or are experiencing aches and pains then you should rest and give your body a chance to recover before returning to exercise.👍


Try to see family and friends to combat loneliness

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Try to see friends a family. Loneliness can be detrimental to our physical as well as out mental health so try to keep in touch with some people who are good for you, whether that’s face-to-face or via video chat.💻


Make sure you’re stocked up on any medications your need

💊Make sure you’re stocked up on any prescription medication you need over the festive period before we get too close to Christmas when pharmacies and GPs will be closing for the long weekend🔐


Play Christmas songs loud and dance!

🎶💃Music and dancing have the power to boost your mood almost instantly! Crank up those Christmas tunes, or whatever music makes you happy and have a boogie around the lounge/kitchen/bedroom or wherever. Dance like no-one is watching!👀


Slow Down – don’t feel you have to accept every invitation

🏡If you don't want to go to a social event, you don't have to! You're a grown up and you get to decide what to prioritise. Every now and then a night in is just what the doctor (or fitness instructor) ordered and can do you the world of good!😴


Remember last year and be grateful for what we have this year

🙏Gratitude is a super healthy mental health habit to get into. Just spending a few minutes every now and then to think about a few things that you're grateful for can make a real difference to how you feel about your life and everything!♥


Watch a feel good Christmas Movie

🎥There's nothing like a familiar Christmas movie to give you those happy feelings and boost your feel-good hormones! 🎄

🎅My favourite is Santa Clause The Movie! Love it and have to at least listen to the soundtrack every year!


Switch off your phone for 20 minutes

✋I will 100% hold my hands up here and say I am very guilty of pretty much never being without my phone!


Wear bright coloured clothes to boost your mood

👖Anyone who knows me, or has just seen me, knows I'm a massive fan of brightly coloured clothes! I really do find joy in choosing which pair of leggings to wear each day and also choosing which pair of socks to wear to. It's a nice positive start to the day!🧦


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